Combi Filter 50/55

The Red Label Combi Filter 50/55 has a flow rate of up to 55m³. The Combi filters combine the Red Label Drum filters and Moving Bed filters in one unit. The Drum filter is a prefilter unit that is capable of filtering out extremely fine grime and dirt down to 70 mircons. The Combi filter is produced with high quality materials including polypropylene (PP) and stainless steel. The Moving Bed chamber is a biological filter that is an extension of the prefilter system, the Drum filter. Once the grime and dirt particles have been removed from the pond water, the water then enters the Moving Bed filter where healthy bacteria is created witht he help of the biocarrier. Harmful degradation is transformed into a healthy bacteria environment that is then returned to the pond keeping the waters clean, clear and stable.


  • Type:
    Combifilter 50/55
  • Maat (LxBxH)
    1720 x 850 x 1010 mm
  • Max. flow
  • Filterpanelen RVS
    70 micron
  • Paneel afmeting
    Diameter 650 x 400 mm
  • Inlaat
    4 x 110 mm
  • Uitgang
    4 x 110 mm
  • Vuil afvoer
    1 x 110 mm
  • Spoelpomp RVS
    Hogedruk 5.0 bar
  • Aandrijfmotor
    60 Nm
  • Bedieningskast
    IP 65
  • Deksel beveiliging
  • Inclusief
    2 x Luchtsteen
  • Inclusief
    Biocarrier 100 liter
  • Materiaal

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